DSDPlus LCP Bug?

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Jun 26, 2001
Ott and Aboot
Monitoring an LCP system and having a hard time getting the Channel Activity window to display TX Frequencies.

The Event Log shows the proper system from the Networks file.

The Sites file will only show the proper site when the site number is decremented by 1. Site 1 needs to be set as Site 0 in order to show the alias correctly on the Event Log window. I do not see any indication of a site number on a Neighbours list.

I've edited the Frequencies file using both 0 and 1 as the site number and neither work.

At this point I'm assuming that DSDPlus isn't handling LCP site numbers which is causing my issue with TX Frequencies not being shown. I'll capture some activity from the system and upload it somewhere for the developers to look at.
Not open for further replies.