DSL line filter as a filter for streaming

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Sep 11, 2014
A DSL line filter is a voice band filter. It passes the voice band to/from the phone whilst I believe the POTS line is directly connected, without filtering, to the DSL modem. This reduces the noise that DSL traffic would 'appear' as during a telephone conversation.

DSL filter - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I've recently begun to stream my scanner and would like to reduce noise. Apart from ground loops, it would appear that we only need to webcast a similar band to telephones i.e. the voice band (about 300-3400Hz in telephone networks).

Voice frequency - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

There are also passive and active DSL filters, however I have only tried passive at this point.

As for my results, well I'm scratching my head a little as I get a cleaner transmission when I connect through the DSL filters modem port which is a direct connection to the input i.e. the filtered phone port introduces further noise........I'll try another filter or two.

Any thoughts on this or other low cost voice band filters?
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