DT3 Programming

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Sep 8, 2006
Stockholm, Sweden
You will have to enter all active frequencies and the correct LCN for each one of them to be able to properly monitor a DT3 system. You can also enter each frequency as a Conventional digital channel or perhaps even as a One Frequency DMR system to only scan the voice channels without any trunking capability.

Enter each control channel frequency, that have a constant datasignal, into their own site in a DT3 system that you create.
Then add all frequencies to each site and start LCN finder and run it on the first site.
It will hopefully find which frequencies belong to that site and mark them with the correct LCN numbers.
Do Fn+System to end the finder and it will ask if it should save your findings. If you end by the menu button or perhaps also the avoid button it could just exit without saving anything.

Depending of how busy the system is it could a very long time until it gets any LCN hits. Try all sites and perhaps one will be more active with calls than the others.

If you get two LCNs for a site you could use the LCN calculator that the member thewraith2008 have done here in the forum to see if the LCN's will match to a mathematical formula and you can then calculate the LCN's for all frequencies without having to use the LCN finder any more.

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