DTRS busies during large CO wildfires

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Sep 23, 2009
I was just looking at old busy reports for the DTRS system and found that the Zone-4 sites in El Paso County had nearly 17,000 busies in June 2013 (most occurred on June 11, 2013, the day the Black Forest fire started).

That is not really a surprise, except that this number is a large difference between the amount of busies during the Waldo Canyon fire in Colorado Springs the previous year (or at least that is what they said in the AAR). For the Waldo Canyon fire, they said:

"The PPRCN (integrated into DTRS as Zone-4 a few years ago) infrastructure did not suffer a significant loss of integrity during the incident, even with a significant increase in radio traffic.

The PPRCN system is very robust and handled radio traffic with very few "busy" tones, compared to the overall amount of information. When there were busy tones, they were cleared in seconds and had very little impact on the overall incident." (Colorado Springs, Waldo Canyon Final AAR, 3 Apr 2013, bottom of page 53)

Yes, I know they were different fires but that is a really large discrepancy between one year having "very few busies" during the fire and then just one year later having almost 17,000 (most in one day).

Does anyone know the ACTUAL NUMERICAL busy numbers for Waldo Canyon?

What about any of the fires further up north in the last couple years? Anyone know any busy tone numbers for DTRS?
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