Duluth Reception Issues

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Apr 26, 2013
Hey guys, I have a PRO-106 scanner, that I set up a little website to send out a feed of the ARMER scan in Duluth and Northland. When I had the scanner at my downtown office it was great, worked perfectly with the stock antenna. I moved the feed to my house in west end and now I have crap reception. I bought a diamond RH77CA antenna for it that doesn't really seem to be any better. It's for 2m/70cm but I read it worked well for police scanners too. I'm starting to wonder if it's no better than the stock antenna.

I have a few questions, should I just invest in a 800mhz tuned base antenna? Could I need to change the control towers? I have the main Duluth simulcast as well as a few for on the Iron Range (from when I traveled up there for work) controls towers in, and I also programed the Duluth North. Could I have too many in? They don't interfere with each other do they?

Any help is appreciated! If I can get it figured out I will share the site, it worked great on a smartphone, so listening in the car was easy!

- Max KD0YPW
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