DVMEGA/DMR Issue with Motorola XPR4550/5550

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Sep 8, 2006
Northwestern Montana
Here's the scoop...

I have a Motorola GM1225 repeater using a Pi-Star/STM-32 Repeater Builder (DVMEGA) interface for DMR. It's hooked into the Brandmeister Network and I haven't had any problems with it until I picked up a couple of UHF Motorola XPR radios.

I picked up an XPR4550 and an XPR5550. Both are programmed the same using know working codeplugs. There is no issue on analog simplex and repeated channels. There is no problem with simplex DMR channels. They both work on other repeaters (motorola XPR repeaters), but will not work on mine.

I have confirmed the correct Color Code, Freqency, and a bunch of other settings in the radio, but still no joy. The radios will transmit for a second, then "bonk" me, or flash "Channel Busy!" depending on "Admit Criteria" settings and will stop transmitting. The transmission does not register on my Pi-Star Dashboard, or Brandmeister. This problem only occurs on my repeater. I think I've tracked it down to the DVMEGA interface, but was curious if and of you have ever run across this issue?

I appreciate the help!
Not open for further replies.