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DX Opening around Southern Lake Michigan (06/24)

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Mar 28, 2005
Beecher, IL
There is a sweet VHF/UHF opening occurring this morning that covers SE Wisconsin, NE Illinois, northern Indiana and SW Michigan. The opening actually began yesterday morning between WI and IL, and migrated to the entire lower Lake Michigan area. South of Chicago, I am even hearing 2-meter amateurs from extreme NW Ohio.

At the moment, one ham is hitting a NW Indiana repeater with his mobile rig in Peru, IL, talking to another ham who's hitting the same repeater from around Plymouth, IN.

The opening appears to range from approximately 40 MHz all the way through the lower UHF TV channels. While the scanner is going crazy, I'm watching WZZM-DT 13.1 an 13.2 from Grand Rapids (RF channel 39) with no dropouts, using an indoor bow-tie antenna.
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