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DX'ing Equipment Thread

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Oct 27, 2002
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What do you use for DX'ing equipment? I thought this would be an interesting thread. For my tropo DX and low band skip I use the following:

Icom IC-R8500 receiver with RFSpace SDR-14 for spectrum display (see www.rfspace.com for more info). CSI CD-1 tone decoder connected to the 8500 for PL/DPL decoding.

Icom IC-PCR1000 receiver, soon to be replaced by an Icom IC-R2500. Runs on IBM Thinkpad. 1000's discriminator tap interfaced with Thinkpad's sound card for use with UniTrunker and the ported Trunker for Windows that Eric Cottrell just released, to capture and display DX trunked systems. Optoelectronics DC440 tone decoder attached to the 1000 also for PL/DPL decoding.

Radio Shack PRO-2035 with Optoelectronics OS535 board installed, and controlled by Probe software running on an old Toshiba laptop.

Numerous antennas to include UHF and 800 MHz yagis, Comet GP-9 antenna atop the tower, multiple scantennas and Comet GP-3, all tower mounted. Antenna patch panel allows connectivity of any receiver to any antenna.

It's nice to see this forum here. DX'ing is my favorite part of the hobby, hands down.
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