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DXing on LSB barefoot


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Jun 5, 2019
Dillon, Montana
Bone stock Galaxy DX 959 with a 108" whip antenna. Spent about an hour on LSB on 37, 38, and 39. I could hear CQs from Florida and North Carolina but, as far as I could tell, no one could hear me.

Is this expected results?


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Mar 3, 2022
Acushnet Heights New Bedford MA
A 9 foot whip on 12 Watts PEP at ground level is not going to cut through the pack.
Its not really your power but your gonna need a bigger antenna !

Pete N1EXA


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May 29, 2016
Montebello, CA
The problem isn't that they can't hear you, it's that they can't hear you among all the other strong signals. This is why so many choose to run power. Many users that run SSB will run anywhere from 50-400 watts. Yes, this is technically illegal, but it is done daily by thousands of users. CB is a bit different than ham radio. In ham radio if we hear someone on the frequency we'll move to another frequency. In CB, users will talk right over each other in a contest of who's got the stronger signal. You can increase your chances by tailgating off of others contacts, trying to make contacts right at grayline and calling on frequencies other than 38LSB. Having a better antenna like a 5/8 wave ground plane or something similar should probably be your first step in getting a stronger station.


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Jul 3, 2003
South East Idaho
With your setup I wouldn.t expect better. As others have pointed out, your antenna is the basement performer for DX. That is a good radio, it can do the job.. Consider the receive end.
Those you hear calling CQ probably have high noise from strong signals and may be running a bit of power themselves. Base stations in the lot too.
A few suggestions presuming you are mobile, I would invest in a 5/8 wave gain antenna
like a K-40 or Wilson 1000M. Mag mount is fine. Tune or have tuned, the antenna for the lowest
SWR you can achieve. Try a DXpedition. Drive up to a high hill/mountain top overlooking trees and terrain. Time of day: I found my best DX in mornings just as the skip rolls in before the cluster of CBers dominating a channel. Late night after bedtime. I talked to a number of stations
as far away as 75 miles, from San Diego to Hesperia Cal. No skip and only little noise.
Operating: don't turn your mic gain up any higher than getting your peak output power.
Anything else is distortion. Call CQ, wait 5 minutes, call again. You don't always get a response.
Think power: You simply don't need more than 100 watts. Stay away from cheap CB linears unless AM is your mode. They are not linear and terrible for SSB.
My radio is 25 watts. with that, I talked daily to a buddy in Las Vegas from Portland.
I also worked Canada, Mexico, and Australia. Of course, that was back in the peak solar cycle and skip everywhere. We are coming up on solar cycle 25, as we speak, 7:30 PM
I am hearing skip from south America and east coast. That is with my terrible antenna and very high noise level.


Sep 12, 2013
Bergen County, NJ
Many users that run SSB will run anywhere from 50-400 watts. Yes, this is technically illegal, but it is done daily by thousands of users.

I heard a guy the other day on 38 LSB say he was running 900 watts.

To the OP. You won't be heard on crowded channels with 12 watts when MOST stations are running amplifiers. They are just going to cover you up. On a quiet channel? Possible under ideal conditions.

You don't need too much. 50-100 watts will start making you some contacts.