E-Skip Alerts via Email

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May 7, 2008
If you go to gooddx.net you can have the system automatically email or text your cellphone when a E-skip alert goes out. The system if fed information from the APRS propagation map, DX cluster, and a few other propagation loggers. This all pertains to E-skip at the FM brodcast band and higher.

I have the alerts text messaged to my cellphone. The system has help me work Texas and Kansas on 144.200 MHz USB. I have a meager setup for 2 meter SSB, which is 50-watts on a 10-element yagi @ 22 ft.

You may be able to hear scanner activity through the 136 - 174 MHz band in FM too. The time I worked Kansas on 2 meters, the station (N0YK) was 20 + S9 on my S-meter. That's pretty strong. Not too bad of a trip from central North Carolina to Kansas.

73 ~ Bill, N1RIK
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