E11 Oblique in stereo

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Feb 22, 2018
I recorded a message from E11 broadcast on 2 different days (One was a repeat of the other) and tried to compare them to see if they sync up or have any differences between them:

I placed the 2 recordings so each one has its own audio-channel (So one broadcast on the left side and the other on the right side)

They sync up completely, so we can, with a high level of confidence, rule out that they are using any mechanical tape-devices to broadcast their signal.

Maybe not ground-breaking intel, but still :)

Now, my real question is how the recipient of these messages would actually use these numbers.

We have a series of 5-digit groups. What would be a smart way to convey a message (As long and full as possible) with such a system?

Could it be that the 3 first digits refer to a page in a book, and the 2 other digits to a word?
The 'encryption' would then be that we don't know which book to use to decode the message, but we could send pretty long and precisely worded messages that would be easy to decode without needing computers or conspicuous equipment (Or even papers with some codes on them, which might reveal a potential spy as a spy if he/she was caught)
We would simply need to carry some special book, like tons of normal people do :)

Or in what other ways could we hide a message in these numbers?

I obviously understand those who know won't tell us, but if somebody cares to speculate (After all, that is likely how these systems were invented; by somebody coming up with a clever idea of how to send secrets using groups of numbers :) )
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