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EAM simulcast on 299.975, 311.000 and 323.800

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Aug 22, 2014
municipality of great state of insanity
so wee hours this morning started hearing mult "xx character" EAM's from call sign "Cable car" on 311.0 so held on that and just started running thru the 225-380 with another scanner to see if it was simulcasting, and it was on 323.8, didn't catch it on 321.0 but did catch it on 299.975.

so after a modicum of due diligence and coming up with squat, i thought i would mention i on the off-chance that it might be something new. i really know next to nothing about the EAMs etc and usually lock out the freqs they come across on but it was a slow night (and day) and was just wide scanning.

im in central NC and went scooting inside to crank up ads-bexchange and it showed ABYSS32*, USN E-6B # 164387(AE0414), having been nearly directly overhead at the time. going W to E got to the KGSO area and did a dogleg N into Va.

sorry if this is old news.
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