EarthEx 2017 Federal Exercise Aug 23,2017

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Jan 1, 2005
San Antonio, Texas
Is anybody else checking these various news reports about a federal drill today August 23, 2017 ?
The purpose of this thread is just to collect anything ACTUALLY observed and or comms received !
I do not yet know what states are involved and what time this 4 hour (4 phases) virtual drill is to start ?
The name of the federal drill is EarthEx 2017 and I have also heard if named Operation Dark Sky.

Here is one official website: (I have also found info on DHS/FEMA and DOE websites)
EIS Council | EarthEx
EIS Council

Here is a YouTube video to take with a grain of salt that tries to help explain this federal exercise:

Here is another video that is somewhat watchable and some videos posted are just crazy talk, etc.

This video has older government talks but you need to skip ahead exactly 5 minutes into this video:

ps ~ I have many scanners recording today and each one is dedicated to a different agency.
btw ~ I doubt I hear a thing. I did hear 8/21 USAF A2A Mil Air 303.000 talking about the eclipse views.
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