Eastern Panhandle Storm

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Jul 26, 2005
Charles Town, Jefferson Co, WV
A Thunderstorm swept through the Eastern Panhandle around 1615hrs this date. There were numerous MVAs, trees down across some power lines, vehicles, and residences. There was, at least some hail reported by units. There was a report of a house struck by lightning. 1650hrs-Rt 9 east of Mission Rd. trees across Rt 9, road is blocked. Allegheny Power is being requested by one unit as priority for power line. 1652hrs-One unit reported "round two is comming through as you can hear the thunder". Headquarters advised they could hear it through the radio.
1535hrs-It appears from radar that the main storm has passed into Loudoun County. There is another cell in the area of Hancock Md passing east. Warnings are up for Washington Co and Frederick Co. Allegheny Power is responding to numerous calls of wires down in the Jefferson County and surrounding counties. Some of them are simply because breakers have tripped. Once reset, are ok.
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