EDACS 852.450 CC Escambia Co. Possibly

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Dec 31, 2005
MS Gulf Coast
Ok so while in search mode during this morning, and under some pretty decent ducting I stumble across this EDACS CC on 852.450. Pro 197 display says hSA for it. (h=is not home site, S=SCAT, A=is Aux site) I trashed a couple UT decode attempts trying to get a better one but lost the duct before I could. What runs I did make showed 5 LCNs which also coincides with the 5 licensed freqs in Escambia Co. Site number was 11, CC LCN was 7.

A search of AL, MS, and LA produced no hits for any licenses for this freq in any of those states. Only in FL, so that's why I'm tossing it out here.
Florida Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference

I can only guess given the licensee this is something to do with ya'lls super secret squirrel SLERS system maybe? Someone more familiar with things over your way can look deeper into if so desired.
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