EDACS talkgroup glitch on PSR 410 & 600

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Jan 26, 2007
Tampa, FL
I have several PSR-410's and 600's in my office. Quite often, I'll be listening to a FD talkgroup and all of a sudden we'll hear PD transmission as soon as FD is done.

If I hit scan, it fixes itself temporarily and I hear the FD again on the next key up. I've only had this issue on EDACS systems. These particular scanners have no law enforcement groups programmed, just fire/EMS. I have decent antennas and reception is almost always 4-5 bars. I keep the squelch mid-way.

It almost seems like the scanners get stuck on the frequency after the FD group is no longer active, and I hear whatever else pops up on the frequency.

I'm a Uniden guy personally, so I don't know much about these scanners and I never have this issue when I plug them in using the same antenna feed as the PSR scanners.

Any settings I need to check?

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