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EF Johnson 5100 Help

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Mar 7, 2012
Orlando, Fl
Hello all, great forum you have here. I've posted to a another forum, however I have been getting some conflicting reports, now even though I'm sure the answer EF Johnson gave direct is going to be the most accurate, I suppose it cannot hurt to ask.

We need to get CAP P25 compliant radios. We found one for $200 with the following "Part number"


A rep from EF Johnson replied by email with the following.

Antenna: VHF 162 - 174 MHz
Battery: NiMH Battery Pack
Housing :Black
Protocol: P25 AMBE+2
System: Conventional System
Software Control:
DES/DES-OFB Encryption
512 Channels / Talkgroups

"The radio in question does not have P25 Trunking. It is a conventional trunking only. To add P25 Trunking is an additional $425. I’m not sure what other options your other radios have to know if this will work with them."

However, In a model decode thread, the OP replied that the radio had the following feature set.

Conv Analog/Digital
SmartNet and SmartZone with Digital
Trunking OTAR
512 TG

Now I am more apt to believe that EF is right about their own radios, but I know it cannot hurt to ask. Our budget for a radio for our Sq is ~$250-300, I know thats nothing in radio terms, but given the volunteer nature that is what we have to work with, so doing an upgrade from EF is out of the question. The seller did reply saying he had another version, same PN just without the 4 at the end, so "242-5113-310BF" he also claims htat when powered on the display says "POLICE" if that makes a difference.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


Database Admin
Aug 5, 2006
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Well the model decode thread poster didn't say you had P25 trunking either. P25, SmartNet, SmartZone, and Omnilink are basically four different things. I believe the radio in question supports conventional P25 operation but it won't work on a true 9600 P25 system.


The state of SD uses 5100's for their statewide system, its a P25 digital audio system at 3600 baud, so i know they are capable of that if flashed correctly, not sure about the 9600 baud though because it sounds like they will be replacing all their 5100's when they upgrade the system to 9600 baud, whenever that may be in the budget.
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