Elizabeth School Evac

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Dec 11, 2002
From KMGH:

ELIZABETH, Colo. -- Parents of students at Legacy Academy Charter School in Elbert County have been asked to pick up their children after the school was evacuated as a precaution.

Students from the school were taken to Frontier High School in Elizabeth so that parents could pick them up.

The evacuation was prompted after officials became aware that a 16-year-old student had accessed information on a computer about making bombs, according to the Elbert County Sheriff's Office. The information was on a computer belonging to a tutor the student uses. The tutor is married to a deputy sheriff.

Additional bomb-making information was found on the computer Friday morning, officials said.

A bomb-sniffing dog was sent from Douglas County to help Elbert County deputies search the school.

Nothing had been found as of 1 p.m., but classes at the K-12 school were canceled for the day.

The boy and his mother were at the sheriff's office to be interviewed. Investigators will ask for permission to search the boy's home, according to Lt. Michelle Mattive. If permission is not given, a search warrant will be sought, she said.

"We want to determine if he was just curious or was actually constructing some sort of device," she said.
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