Elk Grove Awarded Grant for South County Regional EOC

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Nov 16, 2004
Press Release​
Angela Frost
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November 24, 2009​

City of Elk Grove Awarded Congressional Grant for
South County Regional Emergency Operations Center​

Elk Grove, CA – The United States House of Representatives recently signed their Fiscal Year
2010 Homeland Security Appropriates Bill that includes $750,000 toward an Emergency
Operations Center (EOC) for Elk Grove.

The City will use these funds to establish an EOC to coordinate emergency response efforts in
the event of a disaster or crisis. Elk Grove will be able to work in concert with the County and
City of Sacramento, State of California Office of Homeland Security and the U.S. Department of
Homeland Security to share information and respond rapidly to any event. Conversely, during a
local emergency, the City of Elk Grove will have the capacity to mobilize its local emergency
responders and call upon regional partners for support to protect the health, safety and
properties of its residents.

“An Emergency Operations Center has been a long standing priority for the Elk Grove City
Council,” said Mayor Pat Hume. “We sincerely appreciate Congressman Lungren’s efforts and
support for this facility. It will be a tremendous asset to have in the south Sacramento region in
the case of a natural or man-made disaster.”

Pushing this Bill forward to get approved was no easy task. The City has worked in close
collaboration with the Cosumnes Community Services District, Elk Grove Unified School District
and the Office of Congressman Dan Lungren to ensure this project was heard and given
precedence for the south Sacramento region.

“This grant funding will help establish a primary emergency response coordination facility in
South Sacramento County. Given the significant infrastructure and population of the region, I
felt it was proper for the federal government to assist in this effort,” said Congressman Dan
Lungren. “This emergency operations center will give Sacramento area first responders the
tools they need to appropriately handle a critical incident. I laud the City of Elk Grove for
undertaking this initiative and I am very pleased to have been able to help secure the necessary
funds to move it forward."

The City Council Chambers has been designated the Emergency Operations Center for the City
of Elk Grove, and the $750,000 will be spent toward retrofits of the facility to accommodate
technical, spatial and functional needs for full time operation. Renovations are scheduled to
begin early next year.​

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