Encrypted TG 3002 ?

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Nov 21, 2011
There has been much confusion about this TalkGroup.
Why is it being heard in the Moose Jaw area from time to time?
The municipal police services on PPSTN are using Talkgroups like #3004 WPS
This TG is not encrypted so we know who is using it and that all their radio IDs start at 2231750 and go to 2231775.
TalkGroup 3002 is encrypted and is being heard in PA and their Unit IDs start at 2231250 and go to 2231350.
If these Units are in the Moose Jaw area why are there no unit registrations ?
None of these radios have ever affiliated to towers in the MJ area.
Only one unit 2231850 has ever Affiliated/Registered in the MJ area.
This unit is used by the Caronport Police Service located just west of MJ.
The municipal police services have each others TGs in their radios.
The Caronport police have TG 3002 and the Keys in their radios so they can monitor Prince Albert police dispatch when ever they want to.

Again, I would like to thank ve5wil for his Pro96com logs


Aug 8, 2004
Oungre, Saskatchewan
Talkgroup 3002

Submission from member today, heard half of talkgroup conversations earlier today Not encrypted. Addresses mentioned, and Parkland ambulance name, lead me to believe that this is the Prince albert police talkgroup. I know since it has been observed as encrypted mainly in the PA area, plus PA city police were totally encrypted back in the Fleetnet days, this would make sense. Did anyone else catch any of the voice transmissions today?
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