Encyrption coming to central virgnia

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Jun 28, 2014
Mechanicsville, VA
All fellow Henrico/Richmond/Chesterfield/scanner listener This is not just an issue in Henrico this will affect the ability to monitor Richmond and Chesterfield also. I have only spoken to official in Henrico directly.I live in Hanover and as i said in an earlier post Hanover officials have no intention of any further encryption.I was told by Hanover officials that they would have to encrypt interopt channels to be able to communicate with the above mentioned jurisdictions.To sum things up i think all us need band together to let these elected officials know that we are not nuts following public safety officials around interfering with them doing their jobs We are a valuable resource to our respective communities.We need to let our voices be heard.They are still in the planning stages of the new radio system .Please let your local elected officials know if you disapprove of total encrpytion of the new system while it is still in the planning stages .
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