Enoch Fire

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Dec 14, 2009
Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
The Enoch Fire department frequency 166.230 Tone 210.7 has been very busy since flames broke out in the recycling plant early Friday. The blaze is on the front page of the Edmonton Journal and Global has chopper video that makes it look like a volcanoe eruption in Hawaii. You hear one media interview after another as they come in on the telephone patch.

Apparently Devon and Parkland Fire have been helping out but only when it appears it's getting close to Highway 60 in their areas. Comments on the Enoch channel are far from professional but the comic relief is great.

This fire which also broke out earlier this year is not expected to be out for some time as they are letting it burn.

This fire is on the Stony Plain Indian reserve just west of Edmonton. So far the River Cree Resort and Casino has not been effected other than the downgraded air advisory. There is a brand new 200+ suite condo unit nearby which has no water protection at all. No one is living in it at this time.
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