Entering text method on TRX and 1088?

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Apr 24, 2014
Long Island, NY
Just curious, how does everyone like the method Whistler uses for entering text?

In some cases (like selecting a state, county or town for location) you select the first letter by using the up/down arrows and scrolling through the letters. In other cases, like entering in a tag, you select the key the letter is on, then the # the letter is in order on the key. For example the letter K is 5 (because K is on the 5 key), and then 2 because K is the 2nd letter on the 5 key.

I haven't used it enough to have a real issue with it, but two things bother me about it. It's not consistent as it works differently in different places. The second issue is it is not consistent with almost all other devices. In order to enter a K on other devices, you normally would hit the 5 key twice. Whistlers method lets you always hit 2 keys for any letter. With the normal method you can either hit 1 key, 2 keys or 3 keys. So they probably average out to be the same number of keystrokes either way. I wonder why Whistler used this method? Is it easier to implement in software or something?
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