Equinox 2013

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Sep 18, 2016
Monterey, CA
So I started on this long tech road.

I wanted to do the work on my own but did not have a location or time or tools.

And when I asked for help here it was hard to type on my iPhone since I don't have home internet. Some people were really helpful with my questions and some just added more information for me to learn(such as when your in a room with experts on a topic).

Silke of salinas helped with the install as well as a private alarm specialist for the relay and button. I'm awaiting my bearcat to return. I used for the mic holders after all the back and forth. The cb mic is wireless and a speaker as well, though I have a speaker for it in my headrest. I'd like my 4 yo son to use it soon to say hi on cb land. I'm also getting a coiled USB line to charge the mic so they can look the same.

A couple of take always: once you pick an rf 12 through a tight hole it won't double back easily. Electrical tape was not really helpful, just sticky.

The grommet where the hood release cable is a great place to start.

A wireless drill is a must with angled bits.

After all this I feel I could help someone out in about a day.

My next goal is to reword the Dvr-cam to the fuse box /relay and drill a USB wire to the dash to charge extras. I do t like vent clips so I think I'll Velcro my phone to the dash. Btw I like Velcro. I do get reception but I think I played with the yaesu ftm-100 and need to add new frequencies.

I'm looking downed to my ft-2dr for walks and hikes.
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