Equipment and licensing questions

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May 7, 2017
Seattle WA
Hello RadioReference community. I'm new to the radio community, am actively reading the ARRL HAM radio licensing study book and have been "elected" to find a communications solution for work. Naturally, because I'm new to all this I have some problems that I'm trying to find some solutions for so any assistance would be appreciated. my situation is as follows.

I work in a hospital as a third party contractor, 10 levels plus 2 basement levels, I manage a floor service crew and our communications throughout the day is frustrating at best. I've requested and received permission from the security dept to use handhelds throughout the hospital. I know that the possibility of interference is an issue and that is why I cleared it with security first before starting this search. I'm looking for radios that will penetrate the multiple levels of steal and concreate, not opposed to licensing but due to the fact that my crew does not speak English as a first language, multiple licenses and cost would be an issue. So I guess my questions are this, are there radios that can perform in this fashion without the need for licensing, and if not, can I get one license that will cover my crew with the expectation of employee turnover?
Also, I work in northern Washington state, a few hours from the Canadian border.
Thanks in advance.
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