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Nov 5, 2002
Just an FYI to those getting error messages when using a scanner with a discriminator tap and a line in to dsd+. I monitor 13 Ap 25 frequencies and on five of them I was getting error messages and very garbled sound it would always be those same frequencies. I thought that that is just the way it is until today when I tried a little experiment, why it took me so long I don't know, but. .
What I did was switch over to my RTL dongle and SDR Sharp ( without the scanner funtion ) and ran the signals through DSD+. I then locked SDR on to each of the frequencies to see how they would decode the P25 signals. To my surprise they decoded perfectly. Couldn't figure out why there would be a difference, everything was identical except I was using the little 4" antenna that the R820T dongle came with, and on the scanner I was using a fully extended telescopic antenna.
So I switched everythng back to the scanner, collapsed the antenna and locked it up on the same signals. The results were perfect decodes, no error message. I also switched the attenuator switch to -10db. Now everything is working perfect, no more error messages and perfect decodes. Hope this helps someone else.

Not open for further replies.