Essex County struggles to rebuild its aged emergency radio network

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Essex County (and the other Adirondack counties) have some unique challenges. But I don't think jumping on the digital trunking bandwagon is the way to spend limited tax resources there. Every surrounding county (to Essex) is analog, and only Clinton County is trunked. If they are really concerned about interoperability as well as day-to-day operability, then analog is the best choice. Trunking, maybe; digital, no.

New York State is a difficult and expensive place to get anything done, with the APA making things even more difficult, and being north of Line A adds further administrative burdens to operating radio systems. We are also sinking into the same economic recession as everyone else. Essex County has a genuine need for a new radio network, but they don't need to spend what the consultants say they have to.

Interesting that Essex County paid all that money to an out-of-state firm to study their needs. Don't we have any telecom consultants in New York?
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Nov 20, 2005
Interesting note, the same firm that did this consult did my county in PA, in 1998 they suggested a 800 trunked digital, blah blah blah bs system. Well we remained on low band for another 10 years, and now finally the county went to an analog 400 system that has like 13 towers, though it was promised to be up & running late last year, we still remain on low band. Anyways, I have to laugh, counties spend millions of dollars on consulting firms and studies and all they really have to do is go out and ask the emergency service providors what works and what doesnt. I think it is kinda obvious if a system works well for a couty that borders you then it is a prettyy safe bet if you up grade to that type of system then yours too will work.
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