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Eutelsat wind loading requirements

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Dec 27, 2013
Mass, MA
Hello everyone,
I'm a new member, and came upon this forum while doing some research for work. I realize it's probably a stretch, but if anyone here can direct me to a resource on the following issue, I would appreciate it.

My company is developing system, and was met with a rather disturbing requirement for Eutelsat type approval. Until recently, Eutelsat pretty much left the operation wind speed of an antenna up to the specification of the manufacturer, with the caveat that the beam accuracy be held within .4° at whatever wind speed was defined. Eutelsat is changing this specification to a hard value - 45 MPH, no longer leaving it to the manufacturer. Before this, the wind restriction was largely a calculated number. Now, it seems they require a confirmation test.

Eutelsat has directed me to a consultant of their choosing for the type acceptance (aka "a eutelsat authorised witness"). I'd like to have a more non-biased explanation of the how this type of testing is confirmed, so my question to this forum is - can anyone possibly point me to a resource that explains how antenna sidelobe patterns are measured in a far-field range with a quantifiable and controllable wind source? Our RF consultant has drawn a blank on this also.

We are actually getting the static antenna performance tested now - for the purposes of eutalsat and FCC radiation mask overlays. However, the range we are testing at has no knowledge of how to test the windloading requirement. We don't want to go into the eutelsat test completely at their mercy.
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