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Excellent GMRS Antenna, Very Low Cost

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Apr 18, 2012
We have a group of people who don't want to get their Ham Licenses, but have pony'd up the $75.00 for a GMRS license, got used Business radios and programmed them for the top GMRS frequency's for EMCOMM. That leaves them with the need for a decent antenna. Many have made J poles or bought GMRS verticals at over $100.00, but Home page has antennas that were made to go with some unknown radio (not included) for sale at $20.00. Part # SVU4500SP1
I'm the elected leader of our local Ares/Races group, so I bought a GMRS set up and got licensed, even though I have not a lot of interest in GMRS, it's still good to have.
I figured I try one of these antennas. They are made by Sinclabs in Canada, a producer of professional quality antennas. The antennas are 14" tall in Schedule 80 PVC and are a Collinear design with 3DB gain. It's a heavy antenna for it's size, so there is not just a coil, some caps and some other wire inside. From the looks and feel of the antenna, it will be around a lot longer than me and should hold up in any type of storm as long as what it is mounted to stays up.
They come with 30' of Belden RG/58/U coax attached and a mini UNF fitting at the end of the coax and have a pole attachment fitting a with bolt "U" clamp.

I cut the coax about a foot and a half from the antenna to get rid of the lossy coax and put an "N" fitting on the coax and feed the antenna with LMR 400.
The frequency range is listed as working at 450-470 MHz and SWR< 1.5 to 1 at 440-480 MHz.

This has been the best $20.00 I have ever spent on a store bought antenna. They of course cost far more than the $20.00 they are sold for, they must have got a whole bunch at a good price. It does look like they were made to go with some type of radio.
With just 15 watts from a old business radio, I can talk through our whole valley clear as can be and hit two repeaters with no problem at all. The antenna is at about 20'. The SWR is low as advertised.
These are the best bang for the buck if you need a GMRS (or UHF) antenna, they work great. Works great as an antenna for the UHF Amateur frequency's also.
I have no idea how many they have, they have had them in their catalog for a couple years now. Several others have bought them and are pleased as can be. I'd get one or two while they still have them. We even used one on the tower at our County EOC for the GMRS radio there, and at height, it talks for many miles and hears as well as it talks.
Home page PH: 760.744.0500

73's John KF7VXA
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