Exceptional conditions


Oct 29, 2002
Downtown Hamilton
I'm using a generic multiband metal telescopic antenna tonite on my 396T and I am getting Pontypool and Whitby amazingly well.

I'm in a apartment here downtown Hamilton and the scanner is close, but far enough away from the window that I am amazed at what's going on tonight.

Maybe towers on Northumberland and Muskoka and Peterborough are next?

Last night, I was in North Durham in a remote area and the same scanner and antenna was getting Niagara Falls and Fonthill perfectly.

I needed to be able to monitor Halton EMS because a roommate of my ex was violent last night. My ex generally doesn't like scanners, esp EMS misery and illness being bared all over the air, but she was on alert for a certain roommate to have the EMS to be called.

Fonthill was booming in and I didn't miss a call and thankfully no calls to Halton were made, last night anyway.