experimental dipole

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Feb 1, 2005
NW Indiana
I decided to experiment with my homebrew dipole, the one that can be found in the wiki. I was very impressed with the dipole except in the 800Mhz and 470Mhz range, so I decided to extend the dipole out, similar to a directional type antenna. I left the original lengths of 18” for the top/first element, and 48” for the bottom/first element, I then added a 5 31/32” element on both top and bottom about 8” from the first/original elements then added a 3 9/32” element top and bottom 3” farther down, these distance measurements are not exact, as I said I was just experimenting. I then used thick copper wire to attach elements, the dipole itself is ½” copper tubing. The attached file will give you an idea as to what I did.

After having this up all weekend I would have to say I am very impressed with the outcome. I am now able to pick up Will County, Ill.(800 EDACS) and Kankakee County (800 MOT) clear as day, and several frequencies in the 450-470Mhz range during a frequency search that I never received before using a dipole until this experiment.


Not open for further replies.