Exploring Hara Arena after the Tornado


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Sep 22, 2002
This is pretty bad. I’m watching the video and saying to myself “That’s where our booth was, that’s where a food stand was, that’s where Icom was, that’s where Tower Electronics was, that’s where Begali Keys was, that’s where another food stand was, that’s where ARRL was, that’s where Mr. Nicad was, that's where Scanner Master/Butel was. . . .”

I spent the whole weekend of Hamvention at Hara every year for nearly 30 years. Overall I'd have to say Xenia is much nicer, although having to go out in the sunshine between buildings probably causes a few people to scream in pain; at Hara they could stay inside the entire time and not have to step outside once (unless they wanted to visit the flea market, although I know several people who couldn't care less about the flea market). . . .