External power supplies for SBS3

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Sep 11, 2005
This is a repost from Keith D who requested that the information be shared

now before i start this is not meant to be a slite on Chris at Kinetic in anyway
as i have written to him re this and i am sure he posted in good faith

but like many people would he has mis-interpreted the specs page for the unit he recommended
as in this thread

RadarSpotters.eu*|*6 Channels are here

now that states that it is a 2amp output
well i did get sceptical about this as can be seen in that thread but was assured

well today i went to Maplins to get one and asked what the true situation with it is
and i didn't like the reply

that Power supply is 1amp out of both sockets so according to Maplins if you have 2 X 1amp out that makes it a 2amp unit

well i have never in all my years seen a claim like that and to be honest i find it dangerous and irresponsable
as anyone could fall for that as being a 2amp out socket and its not.imagine if someone wanted 1.7Amp output
and used that it would get very hot indeed, and the thing they attached it too wouldn't work properly either

now there is some good news as i raised the above points with them and told them what i thoght of it all


Guy goes to the display of USB power supplies disply and offers me this one :-

3.1A USB Power Supply : USB Power Supplies : Maplin Electronics

now this is a totally different story for us with SBS3's but again they are printing false info on the box and on that page
the box clearly shows :-

3.1A Twin USB Power Supply

well its one socket outlet is 2.1A and the second one is 1 Amp only

so according to Maplins 1x 2.1A plus 1X 1 AMP ==== 3.1Amp Supply unit

if you click on the specification tab on that URL you will see what i mean
there you see the truth as against the written word on the box


i know have one of the "3.1A" Power supply units here

the unit on the top which sadly is not shown on that webpage clearly has the output of the socket below
clearly marked which is which i.e 2.1A above the socket we want 1amp above the other

its been running for about 7 hours now and remains very cool as against my 1.1Amp Tom-Tom unit which
was getting very warm[nearly hot] with 6 radios // basestation// 4 radios being Acars other 2radios digital streaming to my speakers
this unit is just very slightly warmer to touch than my hand temp.


if you are off to Maplins in the near future for a power supply this one is the one you want
and is currently cheaper than the one you don't want to the tune of 2 quid for the month of October

You have been warned !!!!

cheers for now

Keith D.

p.s if anyone wants to copy and paste this to another forum feel free i happen to think this is important to people who
are not electronical savy.
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