Fairfax, Loudoun, & surrounding - 100 best

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Okay - here is the challenge... I have an old scanner I have decided to put into service in my daily driver and cant decide what to listen to. So I am going to see if you want to help with the delima.

If you only had 100 channels in an non-digitial scanner, what are the 100 most important frequencies for police, fire, and rescue in the area?

Include Loudoun, Fairfax, and other counties NoVA
Also included can be:
Montgomery Co MD
Frederick Co MD
Washington DC
Jefferson Co WV

(And don't forget to include those old dispatch and simulcast freqs.)

I have about nine open channels left - here is what I have come up with so far:

154.6650 Tacvarioustonesu Tacvarioustonesu/Statewide/Virig
154.6800 ExecutiveProtect ExecutiveProtect/Statewide/Virig
154.6950 Surveillance Surveillance/Statewide/Viriginia
159.1650 Division5Chesape Division5Chesape/Divisions/Virig
159.1350 Division5Chesape Division5Chesape/Divisions/Virig
158.9850 Division 6 Salem Division 6 Salem/Divisions/Virig
159.0000 Division 6 Salem Division 6 Salem/Divisions/Virig
458.3500 VehicleRepeaters VehicleRepeaters/Statewide/Virig
39.5400 SIRS MedFlightDisp.SI/Medevac/Medevac
39.5000 Low Band Low Band/VHF Low/Department of E

46.3800 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Loudoun County
866.8375 Fire Talkaround Fire Talkaround/Loudoun County

462.9750 AirCare2ShannonA AirCare2ShannonA/Medevac/Medevac
462.9500 MedSTARLoudounCo MedSTARLoudounCo/Medevac/Medevac
155.2050 EMS Statewide EMS Statewide/Fire EMS Statewi
155.3400 StatewideDisaste StatewideDisaste/Statewide/Depar
155.4000 StatewideDisaste StatewideDisaste/Statewide/Depar
155.1600 NationwideDisast NationwideDisast/Statewide/Depar

159.4350 ForkMountainHona ForkMountainHona/Department of G
151.3400 Car to Car Car to Car/Department of Game an
159.3750 Long Mountain Long Mountain/Department of Game

460.0375 Police Police/Purcellville Town of/Lou

867.0125 FDEMSTalkAroundI FDEMSTalkAroundI/Arlington Coun
856.4875 FDEMSMetrorailTu FDEMSMetrorailTu/Arlington Coun
154.1300 Fire Dispatch Fire Dispatch/Arlington County
46.1200 EMS Dispatch EMS Dispatch/Arlington County o

866.8625 FDEMSTalkAround1 FDEMSTalkAround1/Fairfax County
867.7625 FDEMSTalkAround2 FDEMSTalkAround2/Fairfax County
460.5750 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Fairfax County
154.2500 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Manassas City
154.9800 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Manassas Park
494.4375 FDRescuePagingSi FDRescuePagingSi/Fauquier Count
46.4800 MedevacHelicopte MedevacHelicopte/Fauquier Count
46.5000 MedevacHelicopte MedevacHelicopte/Fauquier Count

866.3625 TalkAroundPMARS TalkAroundPMARS/Fauquier County
868.5125 TalkAroundRINS1 TalkAroundRINS1/Fauquier County

489.5625 FDEMSDisp. FDEMSDisp./Stafford County of/S
489.8375 Sheriff Primary Sheriff Primary/Stafford County
489.3125 SheriffSecondary SheriffSecondary/Stafford Count
488.8125 Sheriff Tac Sheriff Tac/Stafford County of/
489.1125 FDEMSIncident FDEMSIncident/Stafford County o
488.6375 FDEMSIncident FDEMSIncident/Stafford County o
154.1750 FDEMSPagerandSta FDEMSPagerandSta/Stafford Count
493.6125 Fireground 2 Fireground 2/Stafford County of
493.3125 Fireground 1 Fireground 1/Stafford County of
493.8125 EMS Talk Around EMS Talk Around/Stafford County
490.6125 Rescue Rescue/Stafford County of/Staff

33.5200 Fire Rescue Fire Rescue/Warren County of/Wa
33.6800 FDRescueDisp. FDRescueDisp./Warren County of/
39.8400 SheriffBackuptoT SheriffBackuptoT/Warren County
855.7375 SheriffDisp.Simu SheriffDisp.Simu/Warren County
155.6175 FDRescueDisp.365 FDRescueDisp.365/Warren County
155.7375 FDRescueFDground FDRescueFDground/Warren County
153.7925 FDground1new FDground1new/Warren County of/W
153.8525 FDground2new FDground2new/Warren County of/W

867.4875 FDEMSDirect2RINS FDEMSDirect2RINS/Fire EMS/Distri
154.1900 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Fire EMS/Distri
867.7625 FDEMSDirect1RINS FDEMSDirect1RINS/Fire EMS/Distri
159.1500 CitywideSimulcas CitywideSimulcas/Police/District

415.2000 Ch.1frequentencr Ch.1frequentencr/Federal Protect
417.2000 Ch.2frequentencr Ch.2frequentencr/Federal Protect

169.2250 Disp.Ops.Primary Disp.Ops.Primary/US Capitol Poli
165.5375 TacOutsideDisp.O TacOutsideDisp.O/US Capitol Poli
170.1750 TacSpecialEvents TacSpecialEvents/US Capitol Poli
162.2500 CommandTacHouseS CommandTacHouseS/US Capitol Poli
162.6125 PersonalProtecti PersonalProtecti/US Capitol Poli

166.4625 Customs Customs/Customs and Border Prote

153.8900 Fireground Fireground/Fire EMS/Jefferson C
153.8600 Dispatch Dispatch/Fire EMS/Jefferson Cou
153.8300 Fireground Fireground/Fire EMS/Jefferson C
154.8750 Sheriff Dispatch Sheriff Dispatch/Sheriff/Jeffers
153.8150 SheriffOESalsoFD SheriffOESalsoFD/Sheriff/Jeffers

155.1900 BarracktoBarrack BarracktoBarrack/Portable Radios
155.4750 NationwideMutual NationwideMutual/Portable Radios
39.2600 MARNIS MSP 2 MARNIS MSP 2 /Statewide/Marylan
39.1000 StatewideMutualA StatewideMutualA/Statewide/Maryl
39.6600 CriminalInvestig CriminalInvestig/Statewide/Maryl
39.4000 SpecialTacAssaul SpecialTacAssaul/Statewide/Maryl
39.2400 TacSTATETeamMSP5 TacSTATETeamMSP5/Statewide/Maryl
39.9200 Tactical Tactical/Statewide/Maryland Stat
39.3200 BarrackNRockvill BarrackNRockvill/Barracks/Maryla
39.3400 BarrackOHagersto BarrackOHagersto/Barracks/Maryla
39.3600 BarrackQCollegeP BarrackQCollegeP/Barracks/Maryla
39.4000 BarrackBFrederic BarrackBFrederic/Barracks/Maryla
39.6200 WashingtonDCArea WashingtonDCArea/Barracks/Maryla

46.3400 FDPagerAlertsimu FDPagerAlertsimu/Frederick Coun
153.8450 FDPagerAlertsimu FDPagerAlertsimu/Frederick Coun
39.0200 SheriffDisp.Simu SheriffDisp.Simu/Frederick Coun
154.1600 FDEMSDisp.Patche FDEMSDisp.Patche/Fire TRS VHF Pa
153.9500 FDEMSOps.Normall FDEMSOps.Normall/Fire TRS VHF Pa
151.2800 PDDisp.Ops.Simul PDDisp.Ops.Simul/M NCPPC Parks
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Nov 19, 2002
856.6875 works very well for Front Royal PD when you don't have a LTR capable scanner. Also 858.6375 for Warren Co SO when you can't hear 855.7375.

Is 33.52 and 33.68 still in use? I took those out of my radios several months ago because I never heard anything on them, but it could also be my lack of a low band antenna. Although I hear WCSO just fine on LB.


Does MPDC simulcast anywhere?

Are there any other police simulcasts?

(Thanks to all for the responses.)


Aug 26, 2002
Prince William, Virginia
As far as I know MPDC does not simulcast on any analog channels anymore. MSP simulcasts their operations on the channels you have even though in Montgomery and Charles Counties they usually operate on the county trunked system. Their talkgroups are still simulcast onto 39Mhz tho. I didnt notice but if you dont already have it you might want to throw the PMARS repeater in there also.


Sep 11, 2007
nokesville, va.(40 mi. sw of wash,dc
Va and Md. frequencies

Lemish: read alot of your posts-look forward to meeting you some day if the meeting ever happens.A few frequencies:
154.28 and l54.295 F mars-md and pa still use these freqs quite a bit, plus its a good test to see if your antenna is performing.

123.025 HSelo unicom
123.05 Medical helos
I can listen to Air care 1 taking off from Manassas on Tower freq, then to 462.95 then to the jurisdiction trs frequency-after picking up they also call Fairfax Hosp. to give condition report.

866.3625 P-Mars---They test daily at different times. This one will really let you know if your 800 antenna system is working effectively.

154,37 (110.9 PL) winchester, va.
154.25 add pl of 114.8 to city of manassas so that Howard county Md. simulcast doesnt cover up. also add same PL to Manassas Park. a md. station occasionally cover them upl
note that pwf county, cities of manassas and Manassa Park use same ll4.8 PL as they do a lot of mutual aid calls together.

131.675 AM-Colgan Airways (US Air-Can hear their plante calling dullels and manassa with company business, supplies, fuel requests and to discuss problems with the aircraft./ can hear as far away as charlottesville and richmond.

867.0125 FM Reagen airport fire trucks
47.66-msp mesdevac patches to hospitals with medical reports
44.74- (110.9) msp "syscom" helo dispatch
143.100 AM-army heliport at pentagon

I have picked up some frequencies from your list-thanks---------Jim, railfanjjf


TJMeredith said:
I didn't see 460.575 (Fairfax Co Fire Dispatch)

Cheers,,,Tom M sends
You must have missed it...

460.5750 FDDisp.Simulcast FDDisp.Simulcast/Fairfax County


Dec 26, 2005

Yeah, 460.575 is no longer active. If you were interested (or you live close enough) you might wanna put the Manassas Regional Tower freq in there as well, 133.100.

If you really wanna fill up some more space in there, you can always put FRS/GMRS/MURS/Common Business "dot" freqs and such there as well. I would at least put in 462.675 PL 141.3 (the GMRS "calling" frequency) and the 52.525, 146.520, and 446.000 (CSQ) amateur radio calling frequencies in there as well. If you can't put all of them, I hear people using 146.520 quite often when I'm up in that area.

Just my two cents.



Feb 21, 2006
Is MD still using those 39MHZ freqs? (I have no way of knowing, just a thought)
I would add some Dulles approach freqs, or 121.5 and 123.450 maybe.
Or some rail freqs maybe.

Just goes to show, don't get rid of those old analog only scanners.


Jul 26, 2005
Charles Town, Jefferson Co, WV
There is a very good thread in the Maryland Forum on this subject. I sort of thought that the lowband frequencies were going to be phased out but it appears that it won't happen (if ever it will) for quite a while.
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