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Jan 21, 2002
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This thread will be for answering the most asked questions about
the new Uniden BCD436HP/BCD536HP.
If you have seen a question that has been asked repeatedly feel free
to email it to KE4ZNR@radioreference.com or PM it to me so I can add it to here.
I will add it to this list.

Where can I find basic info on the new Uniden BCD436HP & BCD536HP?

WebHome < Newscanners < TWiki
BCD536HP - The RadioReference Wiki
BCD436HP - The RadioReference Wiki

Uniden BCDX36HP Post Released threads


I just got my new Uniden BCD536HP. What should I do first after opening the box?
Stop by the following site and update the firmware in the radio along with the firmware in the WiFi Dongle:
BCD536HP < UnidenMan4 < TWiki

BCD536HP Headphone Issue

My new BCD436HP/BCD536HP is constantly asking me to set the time and date...what gives?
From Uniden's UPMan:
Keep the Time!
Plug in your scanner and turn it on. The first things you'll see are prompts to set the date and time. The scanner has a real-time clock with backup power that will run the clock for about 1 week. The backup power needs to charge for about 50 hours before full backup-time becomes available. If the backup source is depleted before power is restored, you will be prompted to set the time again upon power up.
Where is the Mac version of the Sentinel Software?
There is only a Windows version available. It can be found at the following URL:
Other forum members have found success running the Sentinel software in Mac OS X using Parallels or other Windows virtual software. Your mileage may vary.

I can't find the WiFi Siren App in either the Apple App Store nor the Android "Play" App Store...where is it?
2/21/2014 Update from UPMan found in THIS thread:

Uniden will make sure everyone is notified when a release version is available to be downloaded.

I am a little confused..what is the different between Quick Keys and Number Tags?
See the following RR.com Wiki Article:
Uniden BCDx36HP Quick Keys and Number Tags - The RadioReference Wiki

Why when I press the "Analyze" menu option does it tell me that it is "Not Available Press Any Key"?
The Analyze feature is still being developed by Uniden. It will be released in a firmware update in the near future.

Understanding favorites lists

Are Favorites Lists automatically updated when the database is?
No. It is prudent to keep an eye on the favorites lists you use regularly and compare them to the latest database.

More Questions and Answers to come!
Marshall KE4ZNR
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