Farquier ccount queston

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Apr 9, 2008
I updated and loaned my home patrol to a friend of mine that lives in Farquier county.
Before it was updated he couldn't recieve any activity. After updating data base he now hears pretty much everything. But he tells me that he doesn't hear transmissions from the Deputy's cars unless the Dispatcher initiates the comms. first. Then he will hear both sides for a brief period.
In other words if a unit calls out with a traffic stop, he doesn't hear the deputy but when dispatch answers the call out then he will hear the unit that called.I was thinking maybe the mobile units call in on a different talk group that isn't being heard or not on his list and when dispatch reply's it goes to another talk group that he is recieving.
Any idea's. Sorry about my fat fingers on the title it should have read county. Thanks.
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