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FCC ULS question...

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Dec 5, 2006
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btritch said:
Can anyone tell me what the difference in the output power and Maximum ERP power on a frequency? Just curious! Thanks!
Well, at least in part it has to do with (a) the maximum transmitter power and (b) the maximum Effective Radiated Power - i.e. after it goes from Transmitter, through coax/hardline and other devices, finally out to the antenna (with the antenna having possible gain).

Obviously if you hook up a 50 watt transmitter to a 0 gain antenna and transmit, you are going to see less than 50 watts ERP. If you hook up a 50 watt transmitter to a 20 db yagi, you are going have way more than 50 watts ERP.

So I think the ERP value is after you take into consideration the transmitter power, any losses induced by feedlines and other devices you might run it throguh, and the potential gain of the antenna being used... notwithstanding other factors I may have omitted.



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Nov 27, 2006
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So the ERP is the actual transmitt power they're getting out in the air then.. Good, That's what I wanted to know, I didn't know what the difference was...
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