FCI Bennettsville

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May 5, 2009
Hello, I have been trying to piece together the radio system for the federal prison and camp in Bennettsville, Marlboro County. It has yet to be entered into the db. It is a Moto trunked system that uses digital p25 voice with a 3600 cc.

The control channel is normally on 407.0125. It shows a sid of b12d , ct 76.76. The voice channels i found so far are 409.0125, 408.25, 409.4125. All show p25:2d1 when i manuallly eneter itinto my 197 win tune mode.

I can not recieve this system at my pc unitrunker setup so i cannot get info that way. I cannot get the system to scan when i am mmobile and close by.

I have programed in the freqs unter every trunked setting in the 197 and it just will not show tgs and ids. I have a wildcard open. Scanner works on any other system. System shows full cc signal strength but just will not show tgs. Do i have to set custom tables or something? I have never had this problem. Thanks
Not open for further replies.