SDS100: Feature Request? Location Control by Department


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Jan 10, 2003
When I'm at home, I want to monitor only one site (the only one in range), but when on the road I want to use location control to select the appropriate site(s) to scan.
I currently set up two different favorites lists with the same system in both. One is set to Location Control, the other is not, and has all unwanted sites locked out. Multiply this by the dozen or so systems I want to monitor this way and I have a bloat of Favorites Lists.

Is it possible to configure location control by department? If not... that's my feature request. Not sure Uniden is as dialed-in here as before, but it's worth a shot. :)

Desired setup -
Favorite List 1: System A
- Dept 1: System A using LocControl
- Dept 2: System A without LocControl


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Feb 17, 2003
New York
Sites have range values and depts have range values. Assuming the system that's in the db is set up with the correct ranges for your depts and sites, it can be done. I altered some depts in my counties system so I only hear them with in range. I even went further and set gps for the 7 police precinct talk groups in my county and set ranges so when I drive around Long Island, I will hear the pct I am in. I set the scan range to 0.5 and it seems to work well. We have 2 sites but I am never near the other but I leave it set to on just incase.

Every trunked system in the db has a talkgroup category location data report. It lists the ranges for each talkgroup category. There is also a system site location data report that lists the range of each site. Range is meant to be the intended area of use.

Below is a screenshot of my counties ranges..

suffolk dept.JPG