Federal Type III DMR system (Tampa?)


Database Admin
Jul 29, 2002
East Central, Florida
I was actually split on whether to post this here or in the federal forum - I went with the Florida forum.

I only hear this system when the band is open, and I am only guessing that this system is in Tampa - it's about the same signal strength this morning as the 57C McDill AFB UHF trunk... so it seems to be reasonable.

Type III DMR systems are rarely seen in the federal bands - matter of fact, this is the only one that I am aware of. This could be a postal facility - that's actually kind of my guess.... as you can see, there are multiple channels to this system. The "control channel" is 408.0375. Two Talkgroups seem to be in use, 300 and 400.

take a listen - especially if you are running DSD+ w/ an SDR - and post here what you can find.