Feed Provider Terms of Service - What can and cannot be broadcast (Cont'd.)

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May 4, 2008
I'd like to ask for clarification and expansion to the list of acceptable feeds that are outlined in the Feed Provider Terms of Service.

Specifically, here are some feed types I would like to see explicitly allowed and encouraged on RadioReference. These are stations I would like to feed, and see others feed.

  • Public Transportation (Municipal,City,County,State,Private Contract) for Bus, Train, "Safe Ride", etc (NOT School Bus, for Child Privacy).
    So listeners can determine the timely arrival or delay of their scheduled transportation.
  • Public Utilities (Municipal,City,County,State,Private Contract,Co-Op) for Water, Gas, Electric, etc.
    So listeners can learn of outages and determine repair progress.
  • Public Service Frequencies; eg LP-AM & LP-FM broadcast of emergency messages, traffic reports, non-commercial.
  • Ham Radio. Including repeaters, Mega-links, Ham to Ham.
    Usually active during time of public emergency. Should exclude repeaters dedicated specifically to telephone patch.

Please discuss the merits of each of these, and their possible inclusion into the TOS.

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Aug 5, 2006
On the Road
Please read that thread carefully and do as it says:

WRT Ham radio, ham radio is currently allowed and during emergencies feeds are organized and broadcast. The most recent example of this was Hurricane Irene, during which someone streamed the Amateur Radio Hurricane HF net for several days while the storm posed a threat to land.

Feed Providers are not allowed to broadcast:

* SWAT "type" operations if on dedicated channels or talkgroups
* Narcotics / CID / Investigations or other tactical operations
* Dedicated channels or talkgroups for Ambulance to Hospital Communications
* Dedicated Federal Government or Military Communications (exceptions include any fire fighting operations, space shuttle communications, park ranger operations)
* Any commercial service broadcast (FM/AM/TV etc)
* Music or talk show of any kind (commercial or non-commercial)
* DJ or other type of similar activity (commercial or non-commercial)
* Open Microphones

If there is a question about whether or not something can be broadcast, please email the audio team at audio [at] radioreference.com so we can address the issue.
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