Fellow Hoosier looking for a new scanner

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Jan 22, 2012
Clay County, Indiana
Hello everyone. New to the forums, but longtime listener / former user of the air waves.

I have been scanning since my father had an old 10 channel radio shack scanner for conventional VHF low/hi and UHF. I used to be on our local fire department and was pretty knowledgable in what was used at that time all around me, but this was before project Hoosier SAFE-T was in use.

I have since be absent from this hobby for some time and now realize that I have been passed by with my old technology scanner, and the most I can hear is the ocassional blurp on the radio from the local fire departments still using their old VHF hi radios.

I was reading this thread here....


... and noticed this person had the same question I pretty much have, and that is what scanner to buy to listen to Hoosier SAFE-T. After reding thru that thread I noticed the sticky at the top of this section stating rebanding in 2012, so I ask the question of which scanner will get me through rebanding, without having to buy another scanner afterwords.

Thanks to everyone in advance.
Not open for further replies.