Few new groups on Austintown Boardman Joint Radio System. Anyone able to help?

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Nov 18, 2004
Youngstown, Ohio
I was checking the Austintown Boardman Joint Radio System for new talk group IDs and came across three that were not in the Radio Reference List. I'm not sure who the users were specifically so if anyone can help, I would appreciate it and get the info submitted.

TG1010 - Pretty sure it was Austintown because I recognize the dispatchers voice. Whatever unit was asking for an update on a police cruiser on Warwick South. It wasn't another PD unit though. I was thinking road department but they are suppose to be on TG1840 but that has been quiet.

TG2500 - Sounded like a medical transport company of some type. They were referring to room numbers and the dispatchers weren't familiar.

TG39880 - Definitely a YSU talkgroup, possibly PD. Not encrypted though, maybe they didn't go with encryption. They had a person down at Taco Bell on Fifth and the unit (901) was asking if it was their call or the city's.
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