File sharing for the East Bay

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Jul 3, 2009
san leandro, CA
I have a Pro-93 and I have the starsoft software for it. I had someone program my scanner and he gave me the zip file to use/edit in the future.

It is now the future. I want to make changes. I tried to make some changes. But I realize that what I have to use is not very much to manipulate. There is not very much programmed and I would like more.

I think to myself... "Do people share their programming files, that they have made?" I have searched and don't see that it is done.

I live in San Leandro and wish that someone would help me out in this way. I am not that much of a computer friendly user. But I do know how to "copy and paste" pretty good although.

I also have the "starsoft converter software". For all those that have the Pro-95 files that they may want to share.

Can someone help me out?
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