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Finally ordered a BR330T (also pre-ordered BCT15)

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Sep 25, 2004
South Arkansas
Just wanted to let you guys know I just ordered my BR330T!!!! And I also placed a pre-order for my BCT-15!

I am anxious to get both of them. The BR330T should be here mid to late next week! The BCT-15 I was told was still unsure of actual shipping date.

Glenn at Scanners Unlimited is a pleasure to deal with. Always polite and curtious.

I have bugged and annoyed many of you over the BR330T for a couple months now, and I appreciate your patience and sharing your knowledge.

I am a little more excited about the BCT-15, only because I have a BCD396T and am familiar with it's operation. If the BCT15 performs well, my Pro-2055 will be replaced by another 15! My name is Matt, and I am a Dynamic Memory addict.

Just thought I would share my good news. BTW I don't have lots of money, I had to sell off some of my toys I had collected over time to make these two purchases. Lets have a moment of silence for my Pro-97, Sangean ATS-909, Yaesu VR-120, and a Discone antenna w/coax, they made the ultimate sacrifice to make room for the new toys. :( I am sure they will be happy with their new homes.


Trailer Park Supervisor
Mar 2, 2004
Seattle, WA
You'll like the BR330T. I got one thew week they came out and it's with me every day. It's been a lifesaver on my commutes. Only problem with mine is the function key doesn work half the time and that dang Nascar logo.... but it's a great radio none the less.

I'm going to order my BCT15s from Glen as soon as he gets them. I'm not a big fan of pre orders.

Enjoy your new radio!!!
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