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Jun 5, 2004
I've been using the fire tone-out feature found on my BCT-15 the past couple of days and I have a suggestion for Uniden:

Since the scanner will check multiple tone combinations (only on the same entered frequency), is there a way to tag entries on the same frequency as "active" and "non-active" for tone monitoring purposes?

For example:
154.000 Tone A/B - Station 1
154.000 Tone A/B - Station 2
154.000 Tone A/B - All Call

Presently the scanner will listen in to all three tone sets because they are on the same frequency. If you only want to listen for the All Call tones (say, it's late at night), you have to manually go in and do a workaround. E.g., you have to adjust the frequency for Station 1 and Station 2 to something generic (150.000, or whatever you choose) so that the scanner will NOT monitor for those tones, and leave the All Call frequency at its correct 154.000.

It would be neat to have an "active" and "non-active" (aka lockout) selection for multiple tone sets on one frequency. Maybe even use the existing "L/Out" icon. That way you could adjust your listening accordingly, without the manual workaround of changing frequencies.

Suggestion Example:
154.000 Tone A/B - Station 1 (L/Out)
154.000 Tone A/B - Station 2 (L/Out)
154.000 Tone A/B - All Call

Not that it's a lot of key presses anyway, just a possible suggestion for any future firmware updates. Thanks for listening Uniden and Paul! :)
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All you really need is a fourth entry for the one you want to listen to at night. Three entries can be in the Auto or FM mode, and the fourth entry would be a duplicate of the All Call entry but in FM or Auto mode (whichever is opposite the first three). To switch over at night, just dial around to the one that's different.


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May 30, 2003
West Haven, CT
Seeing as nobody seems to have the tones for my area and I pulled 3 instead of 2 when I used tuner12.exe what would really be cool is some type of search mode like for freqs or pl/dpl's.

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