Firefox Complains RR Not Secure

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Sep 20, 2006
Dude111, no one here is mad at you. Not sure where you got that idea?

I do use my mind, along with my 35 years of experience working in IT. 15 of those years were working for large corporation such as G.E., CSC, General Dynamics, and SBC.

I agree with you that nothing is totally secure, but we should do what we can, and every little bit helps. If our government wants to hack you, they can, and will hack you.



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Aug 8, 2009
Yes indeed they will........ They can still see everything buddy!!!!!!!! (Even with these new SSL certs) -- All its doing is making it harder for some browsers to directly connect and there isnt really a reason to risk cutting people off!

What information are you worried about securing? Your posts are readable by all by design. You hopefully arent sending people PMs with your social security and credit card numbers...

I mean this site doesnt store any sensitive information. You dont give them your real name or address,much less your SS or CC numbers. You arent even required to give a real active email (One you check all the time),except for moderators and even that can be created for this purpose only. There is no option to hide your posts one way or another so its your own choice what you want to reveal here.

What needs to be secured is access to radioreferences servers and that can be taken care of without https. (And it doesnt risk blocking anyone either)

I mean this site did not suddenly become particularly unsafe. The message FF spews only appears because sites are not using https and its sad people are jumping on it like its the end of the world.....
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