First Mid Air refueling

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May 18, 2007
United States of America
I copied my first Mid Air Refueling tonight about 10min. ago


Pro-2052 scanner (scanning milair limits)

Scantenna (ST2) only 20' off the ground with factory RG6 coax

RS FM Filter into a generic 3 way splitter (another pro-2052 tied in to the splitter at -7db and one terminal of splitter -7db with terminator cap,pro-2052 that was doing the receiving of the mid air refuel was on the -3db side of the splitter.

GRE Super amp (base model) 3001 - full gain (20 db I think)

Slight chop in audio but crystal clear.
I am very happy with the copy tonight and improvements to my milair setup are coming soon....
I would have never thought a ST2 antenna would be any good on milair, but I am finding it's not that bad, but a Discone i am sure will do much much better.


Jan 5, 2008
Detroit, MI
Milair freqs.

Hi digitalanalog,

235.100 is AR-206L that runs from about mid NY State, runs west to almost to the MI border.

Here are some other AR freqs you might be able to hear. The PRO-2052 & ST-2 antenna combo is a good combo to have.
Air Refueling AR-Freqs
235.10000 AR-206L 03-10. NY to MI.
238.90000 AR-632B Prime 02-12. Northern lower half of MI.
274.45000 AR-220/218 Prime 02-12. Northern OH.
282.70000 AR-217, 218, 219, 220, Secondary. Northern OH.
283.90000 AR-217 Prime 06-09. Northern OH.
305.50000 AR-219 Prime 07-10. Northern OH.
338.80000 AR-STEELHEAD MOA 02-11. Thumb of MI.
341.75000 ETHYL AR.
343.80000 AR-BUCKEYE MOA 02-10. Southern OH.
348.90000 AR-206H Prime 10-10. NY to MI.

Some of the common tanker call signs you might hear. STEEL Pitt PA KC-135's. JEEP MI KC-135's. UPSET WI KC-135's. SLUFF & TAZZ OH KC-135's.
Some of the receivers call signs. ROYAL C-17 Dover DE. TERRA C-32. I can't think of some of the other call signs I've heard right now.
When they finish with the Air Refueling they will normally contact center on VHF. The tanker normally tells the receiver the freq at the end of the AR.

Some Ops & Command Post (CP) freqs in the area.
232.100 Trenton CFB Canada. TIGER SAR Ops.
268.000 Trenton CFB Canada. Trenton CP.
238.800 Rickenbacker CP, OH.
238.825 BATTLESTAR Ops C-130's, Youngstown OH call sign VADER.
293.700 Old STEEL Ops, sometimes used for A/A.
297.750 SKULL Ops C-27's Mansfield OH. Was HERC Ops when they had C-130's.
311.000 QUARTERBACK Ops MI KC-135's. STEEL Control Pitt KC-135's.
321.000 UPSET CP WI KC-135's.
338.150 BEEHIVE Ops TOL OH F-16's. STING, BUZZ, BRUTUS, & LOMA, call signs.
340.025 CARBONATE Ops Niagara C-130's.
361.250 DEMON Ops MI A-10's.

Good call sign list.

Good luck with the Milair listening, you're going to enjoy it.
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