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Jun 4, 2014
I'm sure this question gets asked ALL the time but i will try an put in as much info as i can so its not just another.. "whats the best radio" post...

I am working on getting my tech license and hope to start taking the test at the end of this month or in july.
that being said i want to go ahead and order my radio and install it in my truck.. one day I will get a base unit. but for now I want this question to be for in my truck mobile unit only. I travel for work a lot. I live in north east Texas but on any given day i might go from Dallas to Houston to new york state... and everywhere in between.. I spend A LOT of time on the road.. CB radios give me reward talking to truckers and i really want to get into HAM radios. I won't list all the obvious benefits here.. so now you no i will be mobile.. and not just mobile in the same region .. i might be on the longview Texas repeater one day and on a repeater in north PA 2 days later... i of course will get want to get my general i am sure as soon as i can study and learn it.. I am thinking on a budget of around 500.00 for a radio or less..
and i want as many options as possible .. i don't want to have to buy a new radio n 6 months or 2 years how ever long it takes me to learn my generals.... i have a small general idea of how ham radios work when it comes to distance but without getting to technical i want maximum range... reason being if i get into a good conversation i want to be able to keep it going while driving.. and when meeting new friends talk to them if possible from all over the US... ( i understand this won't always be possible ) but i want the equipment to do so when it is...
so i hope that gives you all enough good info to make the right recommendations for my first radio so i can order this sucker, install it and start listening and learning while i am working on getting my call sign!
thanks in advance
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