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Jun 10, 2017
For a long time I set up an old phone with a simple scanner app for my dad to listen to. He was always on the LAPD Central channel, but that has been offline for a long time apparently. Just started looking into getting him a scanner where he could just listen through that instead. I ran across the frequency section and found the ones he would be interested in. LAPD Hollenbeck which is P25.

What are the options for a basic entry level scanner that isn't crazy expensive as he would only be listening to maybe 3 channels, that can listen to the LAPD P25 channels? Any help is appreciated. It doesn't have to be handheld if that impacts cost.


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Dec 19, 2002
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Assuming you are talking about this:

507.18750 KJC625 RM 466 NAC 4 HOLLENBECK Hollenbeck (4) P25 Law Dispatch

I was going to point you to a page like this:

Digital Scanner Comparison Chart - The RadioReference Wiki

which you can/should probably still look at even though it is now a bit dated. There are many newer digital radios that are not listed on this page but they are probably more than you need (or perhaps want to spend) anyway.

Don't be too alarmed about the prices listed - I think they ere the suggested retail prices when they came out. These radios can be acquired for far less that what is shown - even new.

But now the downside -- LA seems to have an abundance of P25 trunk systems up or in the process of coming up. Perhaps some locals would know from their crystal ball (or other source) is the conventional frequency above will be transitioning anytime soon to one of these trunked systems. If so, I'd be concered about two things that would make me consider a newer model scanner (one of something NOT listed in the chart above).

First would be not knowing if the system(s) end up running in what is known as P25 "Phase 2" mode. If they use Phase 2 mode, you;ll need a more "modern" scanner (and can expect to pay more for it).

Secondly, if there is any chance they decide to enable encryption, it won't matter what scanner you get - none will allow you to listen (but I'm getting way ahead of myself on a system and area I am not knowledgeable on).

So - sorry this isn't a more direct answer.

Here are some additional lists of scanners to consider. To protect yourself against obsolescence, be sure to look for "Phase 2" or "Phase II" capability unless of course you learn that LAPD won't be using Phase 2.

Whistler Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki
Uniden Scanners - The RadioReference Wiki

You can then search various company websites (I recommend The Ham Station) for actual prices for new and eBay, Amazon, and other sites for new and used prices.

BTW - there is another option that is up an coming but it's not a scanner, a bit harder to program, and it is a bit higher priced. Click here. However, it works pretty well. It's currently only Phase 1 capable to Phase 2 capability is reported to be coming soon (additional cost).
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